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A young woman (aged from 18-22) who is genuinely/solely into older men (30 and on).
Guy 1: Why don't you try your luck with her?
Guy 2: I hear she's a reverse cougar and I'm in her age group.
by maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaac August 28, 2010
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A man, usually in his forties who frequents young hip clubs in search of women 25 and under. See cougar for more information.
Beth - "Hey Cindy, that guy was all up on you."
Cindy - "Yea he was kinda old, probably in his, like forties or something."
Beth - "Ewww, gross! What a reverse cougar."
Cindy -"Least we got some drinks!"
by lorenzo d September 22, 2007
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Young gay men who go for older men.
Ryan: So, like, i totally hit up this sexy fox of a 45yr old today hehe ^o^

Pam: Wtf you're such a reverse cougar! -_-
by Pammy Pop ^o^ September 02, 2009
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