1. An extreme retard, of possibly spanish descent.

2. A person of subnormal intelligence.

3. A noun, used to describe someone that is a retard. It's used as in insult against idiots.A person of unbelievable, inexcuseable and indescribable stupidity. A complete and utter fucking retard.

4. An Intellect Rivaled Only by Garden Tools. Living proof that evolution can go in reverse.

5. A cooler way of saying retard .Best when pronounced with a spanish accent. A complete and utter fucking retard.
Jack : The strawberry shampoo doesnt taste as good as it smells.

Daya : You are a fucking retardo.

Jack : Everything is the same… only different, btw how old is your 17 year old brother???

Daya : i said it once i will say it again, you are just a

by zingeraddict October 3, 2011
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A retardo da is a weird little kid this breed is mainly found in a America and often gets bullied and more time they have some sort of learning difficulties
Lol He got locked in the basement by the pe teacher what a retardo
by Dilzzzz February 22, 2022
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How predictive text on a nokia phone assumes you spell Reuben.

Type Reuben on your phone while predictive text is on. Result is Retardo. Can be awkward if they are a friend as calling someone retardo – as I’ve recently learned – is offensive. Sorry Reubz!
by Emzah83 April 17, 2009
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Literally someone who is nowhere close to being retarded or ill and acts dumb on purpose
Billy :Yo bob "what's 1+1

Bob: uhhhh 4

Billy:you joking right

Bob:uhhh nooo cause you see if you add 1+1 you get 2 but if you add 2+1+1 you get 4
Billy:wtf your such a retardo
by Lycanace March 16, 2019
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A person that is Mexican and also Retarded.
"That man at tacobell forgot the cheese. What a retardo."
by Josh Pimpington November 16, 2007
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a term mocking disabled people, while personally insulting an individual.
RETARDO!!!! That's not how you spell cat!!
by Zoesha February 16, 2004
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derived from the word Retard and put in spic form. Can only be used by cool kids such as N&S. If you are called retardos, it usually means that you are homosexual and stupid and you deserve an ass fuck from a leprechaun, a cleveland steamer from a cross dressing whore(a man), and/or an arabian sandstorm from jonny boy crandall. These services will be forcefully practiced on you and ewill result in a form of xenophobic witchcraft bondage. Leprechauns will make deals with you and you're advised not to agree.
crack head: you're retardos man
pot head: no you're retardos
crack head: no you're retardos

on and on and on and on....
by gay flyner January 31, 2005
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