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A spontaneous and thus not very sagacious act of vengeance, i.e. prematurely executed and without consideration of the consequences.

Etymology: A neologism contrived by merging the phonetic similar words retarded and retaliation.
1) How Austrian authorities reacted to the Sarajevo assassination in 1914 may well be described as one of the biggest retardiations in the history of mankind.

2) "My teacher caught me writing urban dictionary entries during class and took my thesaurus away, so I hit him in the face."
by schoolsuspended February 20, 2014
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If Palin can make up words, they should at least be fitting. Retardiation is the act of being so st st stooopid that everything you say further retards your followers. This is especially true when you followers are conservatards or retardicans. It generally pertains to specific folks such as Palin, CryBecky, Bimbo, and O'Really. Bush used retardiation as pertaining to religion and politics very well. The dumb got dumber and rich got richer because the of 'trickle down' of retardiation from the President down to the street level retardicans of teenage unwed mothers.
Palin speaks and the conservatards actually get more retarded as she speaks that is clearly the retardiation effect.

When Palin is done speaking the retardicans are for the strict interpretation of the US Constitution if they can just change it to suit their retarded need for the rich to get richer. Can they really get more retarded by the retardiation of Palin.?
by Retardicanfodder November 27, 2010
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