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The inexplicable physical force possessed by the mentally handicapped, even after they have been institutionalized or are incapable of any excercise program. Retard strength is never used for any constructive purpose, and often results in unintentional injury.
Even after he broke out of his restraints and had three guards and a nurse subduing him, he still had enough retard strength to break two chairs and a table.
by Drgorpon November 13, 2006
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When sufficiently angered, the mentally handicapped show immense gains in their physical strength, not unlike the Incredible Hulk.
Person1: "One time, one the set of Life Goes On, Kellie Martin pranked that kid that played Corky. Well he got so mad he punched her squre in the face and gave her a concussion!"

Person2:"Well, that's retard strength for you!"
by Retard Joe December 20, 2006
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A bear-like power possessed by large, often socially awkward people during times of excitement or anger. Their insurmountable strength is seemingly inconceivable during their normal, relaxed state, but can be accentuated by emotional distress, or often by intense inebriation by alcohol or other drugs. Though normaly quiet and intraverted, dont let their good natured persona fool you. One too many shots may cause godzilla like devastation, resulting in numerous bone fractures and utter panic caused by bear-like hugs and bone shattering high fives.
Dont let him drink. Last time, he got super friendly after too many shots, gave me a pat on the back, and broke 3 of my verterbrate. Then while apologizing, he lifted me up by my arm, and literally ripped it from my torso. Worst case of retard strength I've ever seen
by eel_G July 10, 2010
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Super-human strength usuaslly had by one who is considered a reatard and can lift heavy things only because they are too retarded to know they are hurting themselves
Why is that guy holding up the retard racer with his teeth? He must have retard strength!!
by Jimmy March 23, 2005
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Retard Strength is natures way of making up for the lack of brains in a particularly stupid individual. It often does not have visual appearance, but nevertheless, retards tend to have super-human strength. Retard strength is found in half-retards as well as full blown speds.
Guy 1- Holy shit Aurrichio! How are you so strong?!?

Guy 2- Dude, don't mess with that jackwagon. He has retard strength.
by Jabawaki April 15, 2011
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The legendary attribute of retarded "people" which gives them super human strength. Scientists beleive that since they have no brain they have more muscles. It can be summed up with the simple equation N(normie)- B(brain)= S(strength).
"I'm gonna kick his ass!"

"No man, just let him keep the water melon, he's got retard strength."
by wil begley May 04, 2007
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