Something bitches do when their body can't handle the gains from the gym.
Nigel, I might take a rest day today.
by kjlhkjhuhjknh June 27, 2018
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What weaklings do when they can't handle real gains and are too weak to embrace the power of the Greek gods.
The weak person had to take a rest day because he was too weak to embrace masculinity and manliness.
by Greekgodlookalike January 30, 2022
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To abandon all other events in one's day in order to masturbate for hours.

(abbreviation for: Take The rest of the day off to J-off)
"Dom likes to take the rest of the day off."

Dialogue: "Where's Jimbo?"
"Oh, He's taking the rest of the day off."
by Anonymous..... October 28, 2005
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When your cordially invited to go Fuck yourself!

History: When in the Hell did we start inserting “rest of your” in the salutation, “Have a nice (rest of your) day!”
I.E. When you leave a small tip, or in current times, when you frequent almost any establishment, and upon exiting the premises an employee will say, “Have a nice REST of your day!”
by AWA2000 December 12, 2021
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The day ps4’s should be turned off
Person 1:Yo bro let’s hop on some GTA

Person 2:bro it’s national Ps4 rest day come on man
Person 1:oh shoot almost forgot
by Franlkin daleno November 7, 2019
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A day where you allow your aged body to recover, or you do the opposite like Andrea Moss and run when you said you wouldn’t.
I was gonna run today but decided I need a rest day
by Local legend March 17, 2023
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