The American political party favored by those with conservative agendas, so named because their policies are repugnant...the word literally is a cross between "Republican" and "repugnant."
I can't imagine why Henry voted against his own economic self-interest and voted for the Repuglicans...what was he thinking? He must be a real dumbass!
by Kalisiin September 19, 2010
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Applies to the Neo-conservatives that are masquerading as true Republicans and will follow any direction that the Bush administration puts forth.

Repuglicans will usually scream to get their point across and then become silent as one points out that everything they just said was factually incorrect.

Repuglicans also eat babies and live on tears of mothers.
That Repuglican actually believes it when McCain says that the economy is doing great and we're winning the war in Iraq and wants to stay there!!!
by Botunda Foo June 13, 2008
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One of the political parties in the US, the other being the democrats.
Making stem cell research illegal is par for the course of repuglicans, until they need it to save Reagan or Bush senior, then its allllll ok.
by Nicoleode October 22, 2006
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