2 definitions by AdrianasaurusREXXX

Something thats a huge dreal.
There are different classes of reptar.
Just REPTAR is something big ebnough to have attention payed to it, and its really cool.
thers reptar-HUGE.
the best and biggest form of reptar.
-to be great, and big. And something worth paying atention to.
1) That new ipod is so reptar. I need one.

2)Oh my god, im throwing this party at my house. Its going to be reptar-HUGE.
by AdrianasaurusREXXX February 6, 2009
1. The most awesome homeroom teacher ever.
2.to have an ex wife whos a slut.
4.To be so awesome, people worship you.
Dude, did you see that guy? Hes such a Zito.
by AdrianasaurusREXXX January 15, 2009