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Reproduction is the production of offspring by a sexual process or asexual process.

The vast majority of animal species (including humans) reproduce sexually but some reproduce asexually. In other words, Reproduction in the vast majority of animals is only possible when a male animal and a female animal come together to have sex. This is also known as breeding or mating.

Animals that reproduce sexually, breed with members of the opposite sex due to a desire for sexual pleasure, love, and the need to propagate the next generation.

Heterosexual is the only kind of sex that can lead to sexual reproduction.
Reproduction is essential to the survival of all mammals.
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by Always striving for Accuracy August 04, 2019
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When someone goes to the gym and spends 90% of the time on their phones scrolling through social media
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The process of something i will never have
“I wish i had sex tonight instead of searching shit in urban dictionary cause im *horny* or curious also whats reproduction
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by Dying is gay dude February 02, 2021
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1. when two beings come together to make a smaller, louder, and more annoying being that will eventually grow up to do the same thing -perpetuating a disgusting and neverending cycle of filth.
2. something ugly people should never find out about.
it is very fortunate that rosie o'donnell is a lesbian; she is one fewer atrocity that will consider reproduction.
by skips August 22, 2003
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