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To avoide doing or even thinking about something you want to do very much. The main reason for not doing it is fear of guilt or losing the respect from a parent or peer. In fact, you make yourself believe that you really don't even want to do the thing you are repressing.
Shasha: "Cindy, do you want to go clubbing and get wasted? Maybe we will pick up some guys."

Cindy:" No, my mom won't approve and dancing and guys shouldn't be appealing to me anyway. I think I will stay home, knit and drink water. Yeah! that sounds much more fun!"

Shasha (to self) : "She has repression bad"
by Happiness is the Best February 29, 2012
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The unconscious exclusion of painful impulses, sexual acts, or desires with Jason from the conscious mind.
If it wasn't for repression I would have to kill myself for what I did last night.
by Anonymous February 23, 2005
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Repression (noun) to be depressed, but then “cured”. But you realized your insurance doesn’t cover your depression meds because, let’s face it, you are basically working like an illegal Mexican. So then you get depressed again, hence why it is known as “RE-pression” because you reversed the affect of the meds to your former depressive state.
Ant the Gay Man: I think I have a repression
Me: I know Anthony, I know...
by Not my September 12, 2019
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Annoying portmanteau developed by some economists to describe an economic "recession" that threatens to develop into a "depression."
"We've suffered through a recession, now we're in a repression. If we don't do something, we'll be in a depression!"
by An Onyx Mouse May 22, 2009
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