A 6ft stud muffin that also smokes that Za Za on the daily while pimpin the hoes and just being the Realist nigga out there
That nigga Renzo is fucking majestic he makes the best fucking Subway Sandwiches if you tip
by RumplingForeskin December 22, 2022
A total try hard when it comes to basketball.
Yo, you see him pull a Renzo yesterday? It wasn't even a real game of basketball!
by nickholas June 12, 2012
Fun to hang around with, he will make you laugh when you're sad, acts like a fuckboy, but down for a nice relationship with his xbox on fortnite nigga. #Fortnite Grind don't stop. If you are interested and want to fuck with a yung kyyd, hml 409 548 6686
squad up , take them dubs - Renzo
by fortnitegrind...FUCK April 2, 2018
The kind of person that says everything he thinks and wants and usually gets in trouble for getting in fights
Renzo I don’t give a fuck about homework

Teacher Renzo outside!!!!
by Memesarejuicy October 26, 2018
a foolish guy that always does the homework for you
Renzo is such a fool lending me his homework
by rodrigoz August 9, 2008
1. A person who will promise picutres of hot girls, then months later decide to fake it only to be caught hours later, then finally after another few months actually deliver, only then do you find out she wasnt anything like how he described her as.

2. Big talker

3. Liar
Don't pull a Renzo or you will become known as Gaywad Prettypants!
by Abercrombie Giovanni December 3, 2007