"mdm always get mentioned by hydra and cg while mandem just vibe"
MDM really are rent free in Hydra’s head.
by Shroomsii May 19, 2022
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To live in the head of someone that can’t stop thinking about you or anything to do with you.
Leaf Fans are living Rent Free in Grant McCaag’s head
by PajamaBoy91 July 18, 2018
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A person/group cannot stop mentioning/challenging/thinking about another person/group eventhough the other person/group doesn't even acknowledge their existence
by AwareSuperCC May 19, 2022
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To live in the head of someone who can’t stop thinking about someone or what someone does, especially someone whom they say they hate.
People say they hate Raider Cody but talk about him everyday, he’s living Rent Free in all their heads.
by Bobs burner April 26, 2020
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A phrase originally meaning whenever someone can't stop obsessively thinking about something or someone, particularly something unimportant, or someone who isn't even remotely thinking about them in return.

However, due to overuse by morons, has come to just be a regurgitated, automated response to criticism of something someone doesn't want criticized. Often used as a coping mechanism whenever an actual, intelligent rebuttal can't be made.
Person 1: "I don't like this restaurant. Every time I go there, the tables and chairs are sticky and the service gets my order wrong."

Person 2 (smugly believing they are somehow making a point): "Oh yeah? Well, that restaurant is living in your head RENT FREE!!!"
by Papergrin August 6, 2021
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The phenomenon of Woolwich arsenal fans being completely obsessed with Spurs, constantly talking about them and generally thinking about Tottenham Hotspur all the time. Whilst therest of the world barely knows who the Woolwich even are
See Troopz and DT were taking about Kane on AFTV again, living rent free in their heads. #COYS
by FaustusTheYid May 7, 2020
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When an individual just can’t get over thinking about you when you really don’t pay their existence any mind
Griffin just can’t can’t handle the emotional damage caused by Austin. Austin is rent free in Griffins head
by Austinvanwie February 9, 2022
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