A kitty cat from League of Legends that likes humping people from afar by pouncing on them from a bush or stealth.
Ashe is walking through the jungle...
Rengar: "RAWR!" (leaps from bush and humps Ashe)
by FUCK THIS SHIT November 5, 2014
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In Worlds of Warcraft, this is when you ask for or roll on all loot that you can get.
Oh I must rengar all of this loot.
by Aamrie June 27, 2008
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Originaly the structure based on a famous video game so called League of Legends. In the game it means you died incredibly fast by a stealthy assassin, Rengar. In reality it means that something happened to you too fast and you couldn't even take a breath under the time period of the event.
Hey, Tim? What's up?
Oh... nothing good. My bag was stolen by a thief.
Dear! What happened?
I was just walking on the street and I was watching the cars and in the following moment my bag like vanished from my hands and sooner had I shouted my bag and the thief gone.
But why didn't you do anything?
I...I just couldn't! I got Rengared.
by Hardcoremango June 9, 2016
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Rengar mains are the toxiest type of people you'll meet. They are known for having a 100% ban rate by writing "Retard" in chat
LMAO that dude must be a Rengar main, he's so toxic!
by Tahm Kench's husband January 27, 2019
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