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A man who generally is stupid, but tries hard to be a respectful man.

Like Fred from Scooby Doo.

See bimbo
“Do you support women’s suffrage?”
“No because women shouldn’t suffer!”

“You’re such a himbo.”
by yeehaw42069 April 29, 2020

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Pronounced haw-nuh. A girl with too much energy. Generally relates everything to her Australian nationality or horse-girl tendencies.
by yeehaw42069 March 28, 2020

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A funny, handsome, dorky, smart, and sexy boy. He also happens to be a meme/hug dealer. He’s an amazing friend and an even better prankster.
“Yo did you see Rene?” “Yeah man he’s the best.” “Indeed he is. He’s a baddie like that.”
by yeehaw42069 March 28, 2020

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A girl who oftentimes desires to be the center of attention. She’s drop dead gorgeous, but not very smart. Generally she is from Europe or of European descent. She’s fake and a snake, but pretends to be nice when it benefits her. She’s a bit of a drama queen, but she attracts lots of people because of her ravishing good looks.
Person 1: Yeah I’m friends with Nyisa

Person 2: Oh boy, brace yourself for some serious drama headed your way
Person 1: what do you mean?
Person 2: Drama seems to follow wherever Nyisa goes. I would be careful. Looks can be deceiving.
by yeehaw42069 March 28, 2020

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