Rek is Australian slang for the word wreck. Same as Rekt meaning wrecked.
"Get rekt mate"
"Rek it"
"She got so rek last night"
by MaryJaneAcid November 25, 2014
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Getting completely dominated. Getting completely destroyed.
"Get rekked, skrub!"
by get rekked May 16, 2014
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A cute little grey cat, that you dont fuck around with and likes to chase string. He meows for no reason and often can be found at the top of the cat tower. He enjoys blazing and will claw your fucking face off.
yo Reks just fucken scratched my face
by bobmarley123456789 February 16, 2010
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Verb: brutally beating someone and their family and then selling them into slavery
kid: fortnite is best game
me irl: I'll rek u irl
kid: No, you will not. I have armed guards surrounding my house, if you dare step foot on our property you will be shot and killed.
me irl: nah *reks him and his family*
by Walaba September 30, 2018
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Popular YouTube cover artist, known for her Taylor Swift songs.

Also known for having a brief relationship with hip-hop star Kanye West.

Hated by many people for her constant use of racism, and her slutty ways.

She is in negotiation to be signed to Island Def Jam records and is set to tour with Miranda Cosgrove.
Have you seen Nicole Reks' new YouTube video?

Yeah, she's a bitch, but she's a good singer.
by robbo hexler September 17, 2011
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Being of the highest quality of computer genius. To know anything and everything about anything. being the source for everyone in your neighborhood of evil and genius. To cause more BAD then GOOD and exploit EVERYTHING.
"Damn d00d einstein was a rek|phour!"

"Mommy! someday im going to be a rek phour just like my daddy!!"
by wAnn4bL33T March 29, 2003
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A girl who looks like the female version of Shrek.
That she-rek belongs under a bridge.
by Sam D. December 2, 2005
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