The person I'm pretty sure I am in love with.

He has an amazing taste in music, like perfect.
He dances amazingly.
Although sometimes inappropriate, he is an all around nice guy.
His sexuality is always question, but you know someone this hot and cool is clearly straight.

I think I love him, and Reid Ya I do mean you.
Hey Reid, looking hot as always!
by RULISTENINGYET? April 11, 2011
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Good looking, well shaped guy whos really sexy.
"Whoa that guy over there is really good looking"
"Yea, hes a total Reid."
by Thesauceyboy March 10, 2010
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A guy who gets all the pussy, including your mom, and who everyone wants to be. He is by far THE coolest person ever. He also has the voice of an angel and can lure any girl into bed with him (like our mom) at anytime. He's so good in bed, that they named the orgasm after him, 'Reidgasm.' Hes a badass muthaphucka, oh, and did I mention he's better looking than Chuck Norris? Well, he is.
Reid- "How's your wife and my kids?"
Person-"They are great! Gosh, thanks for bangin my wife, I know that I couldnt have ever done it like that! You did it so hard, we got quintouplets!"
by eh okay December 15, 2010
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The perfect boy who will get dumped once or twice but then they will want him back and never let him go. Reid his most likely going to be a fighter of some sort and will always try to impress the girl of his dreams.Reid: since I just won this tournament I would like to take the time to propose to the most amazing girl ever (insert name here) On the other hand with his friends Reid can be a complete dick saying " I had the best sex last night you now what that's like right? ohh wait your a virgin!!!!
by waitforitking January 25, 2012
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person 1 - hey what's your last name?

person 2 - reid

person 1 - ahhh shit! youre a reid? AWESOMEE!
by Soccerking December 23, 2009
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Blonde hair beautiful, nice, and kind sometimes she can be crazy but in the end she will make you laugh. She is hilarious and very very pretty even though she doesn’t think so. She is very kind and respectful when she is in the room she is always smiling. When you have her don’t loose her.
I wish I was a Reide!
by Didn’t September 25, 2018
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A rebel; one who defaces public property simply for the purpose of showing dislike of authority.
Did you see that terrorist? He's a Reid alright.
by ShadowMan April 30, 2004
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