Someone who really loves their Aviator Specs. A Reid not stupid, but they hardly ever do their homework. Someone who can be really funny sometimes, but at the same time their humor can get annoying since they get their jokes from TV shows.
Reid: "I didn't do my homework again today."
Person2: "Well that's kind of expected. I mean, you're Reid."
Reid: "Hey, you wanna hear something funny?"
Person2: "Did you get it from a TV show?"
Reid: "Uhm... No?"
Person2: "Right."
by rawrnairk April 10, 2009
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A depressed kid who is sweet on the inside but acts like a cool kid on the outside, he only loves one girl. If you ever meet one of these kids and his name is Reid DO NOT let him go, pick him over anyone else. Don’t think this is just something on urban dictionary always pick him over anyone!!!
Don’t let a Reid go
by Guccigangtenserisdaddy February 26, 2019
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The type of guy that is really kind and sweet. He doesn't rly share his feelings much but if you get close to him, he will really open up. He cares about his friends and will never want to go a day without talking to them. Yes, he is good looking, gets all the girls, and is dreamed about by girls all of the time, but he either doesn't know it or won't admit it. Around guys he can be a jerk to make him look masculine. Around girls he can be really flirty and will get on some girls nerves but will make others swoon. Usually has brown hair and brown eyes. If you are a Reid, congratulations you probably have 12 girls crushing on you right now, but only one will be THE ONE for you. If you know a Reid, he is an amazing friend and will always be there for you when you need him. Never loose him because he will help you whenever you need him.
Person 1: Hey, have you seen Reid anywhere. I can't find him.

Person 2: Yeah he's over there in the middle of the crowd. He's pretty popular.
Person 1: Of course he is, he's a Reid.
by happy_person June 02, 2017
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A kid who plays Xbox all day and is gay for his brothers friends and likes to spend all his money on v-bucks
Why does he have to be like Reid man
by Qmanf February 04, 2019
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reid a lil boy you sits in his room and masterbates all day long with his lube jar
by reid January 21, 2003
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An act of sexual romance where the male begins the night by sawing off his finger staring at the significant others chest, this is followed by shoving said finger in her anal cavity and hitting it from the front. This may leave you in the ER but well worth it.
Note: Do not try this act in the ER
Man I pulled a Reid last night, it hurt but it was well worth it!
by ButtMunchingpotato January 25, 2018
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The type of guy that will make you smile and laugh. Reid gets all the ladies. He is very smart and intelligent but he doesn't do his homework to much. He makes a lit of cheesy jokes.
Reid:I think im in love
Person 2: Who is it mow
by Marie Carson September 26, 2017
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