someone who has no popularity, a person that has no "interesting" life, who has no peculiar style of being who they are. a normal boring like person.
he looks like a regular person. he's not a rocker or a thug or anything like that, hes normal.
by Alfonso Iniguez January 31, 2008
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Regular is an insult, often used to insult a person's capabilities in a specific field or to insult them directly.

Synonymous with: Average, Not Great, Basic.
*Josh throws a pen at Ben but misses* Ben then shouts at Josh "REGULAR!...hahahahaha"

Josie to Sarah - "do you think Kyle is hot, I like it when he flexes his butt muscles ?"
Sarah to Josie - "Ugh....hes so Regular, why would you be attracted to him?"

Tom to Derick- "I'm sleeping with Sarah, we hooked up last night..."
Derick to Tom - "..... HAHAHAHAHA....wait you're serious....bro she's so ratty...she's a f#*%ing regular...what happened to your self respect bro...!?!?"
by SlyHomeBoy November 23, 2016
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(noun) Another word for lips or a place that is customarily kissed. Unlike the nose or the spaces above or below the lips.
Kiss my regulars.
by Flick2.0 October 24, 2010
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