when someone says " I'm regular" it means i'm chill , cool , OK.
-dude chill its just a game.

- hey man i'm regular.
by Regluar August 26, 2015
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recurrent sex partner
Dick didn't want sex often, but wanted a regular he could count on a couple times a month.

Liv didn't like to sleep around, but didn't really want a boyfriend, so she spent her dating lag time looking for her next regular.
by sick66 December 02, 2010
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A type of coffee common throughout a region.
In the northeast (typically around Boston), a "Regulah" contains both cream and sugar. It’s a darker brown in color, but not too dark; there is enough cream there to be seen and tasted. And the sugar does not over power the taste of the coffee, but it just enough to sweeten it.
On the west coast, a regular is simply black coffee, no additives, no chemicals. If they use cream, its low fat milk. If they use sugar, its a subsitute (Splenda). However those people that use additives are the minority.
"I'll have 7 medium regulahs, 5 plain donuts, and 2 con muffins."
"Drive right up"

"This has sugar in it doesnt it!?!?!?! I ordered a regular !
by Rob2243 December 03, 2006
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an S'K term, meaning:

cool, legit, awesome, chill, the usual, etc.
M: How are you?
E: regular

M: wow whaaataaaaa
J: hahahahah regulaaaaaaar
by SK Love July 20, 2008
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Regular uhhh, a bop of a song made by one of the most superior groups in the kpop game with an incredible chorus that WILL get stuck in your head, you better watch yourself I did it all by myself.
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A chicago slang term used to describe the chillness of a person that is being debated as otherwise
"Your parents don't care that we're partying here?"
"Nah, they're just regular"

"That Natalie girl looks stuck-up"
"Nah, she's just regular"
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An individual who lives as a citizen and socially contributes and supports celebrities on a routine basis cross any platforms and music genres.
IG -live comment example

#TeamRegulars are in the building and of course we have our newbies who have joined.
by kpmagan90 May 22, 2020
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