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Reema means a white deer with big beautiful eyes.

It also means An Angel...Someone with a beautifully divine body, knock-out looks, innocent sweet thoughts, a lovely & a compassionate Heart.....
An overall amazing personality...very difficult to find though!
God i think i just met a Reema today!
by sweetmonster123 July 27, 2009
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The most caring and thoughtful girl. Can be very emotional. She can be very attached to others, especially family. Very adaptable. Tend to put people before self. Cant stop smiling. can be very private. Beautiful inside and out. a girl with a beautiful disposition and knock out eyes. Reema's are usually too good for the guys that are after her. Safest girl to chill with, crakin jokes all the time
why are you smiling??

because i just saw reema!!

She is such a reema.
by layla12rose November 14, 2010
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The most gorgeous girl on the face of the earth!
Reema's have the most amazing style and everything looks good on them!
They are often found in restaurants or shopping malls, or even in the club dancing like a sexy bitch :).
Black hair looks best on them.

They are defiantly the best friends anyone could ever ask for!
Every guy she ever meets falls to feet and will do anything for her to date them!
-Are you friends with that Reema who has black hair?!
*Yes why?
-She is so pretty!
*Ya I know :) she is my best friend
*Ya :)

Guy: Your friend Reema is so cute!
*Ya i know!
Guy: Im gonna go to her store and spend a lot so she can think that I'm loaded!
*OK have fun :P She doesn't like youuuu. your a dickkkk.
by DanikaRollin October 06, 2011
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The original Queen of Krunk. Derived from the Rajputs;
(adj.)a modest person by day, but can move like Usher by night.
"Damn, I didn't know Sara had that side to her."
"Yeah, she's a straight up Reema."
by A.Y.U.B. trippin' June 28, 2006
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To be gorgeous and amazing. She is popular in her school, everyone is JELOUS of her. If you like reema you cannot be friends with anyone named Salma Alfawaz, if you do you will be rejected from this app. Yeah, I made this about moi, cuz I love myself and I'm only 11. Reema loves stylish clothes and she has good comebacks at enemies. She is grateful for everything in her life, she also has a baby sister called noura (A.K.A noni) and two annoying siblings called Dana and Mohammed. And urban dictionary mohammed isn't EGYPTIAN. Reema has good eyebrows even her grandma says that. CIAO
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by Gorgeous_reema_good_eyebrows February 26, 2018
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The most beautiful amazing girl in the world. Likes to have fun and is usually found talking to Kishans
Ugly Kid 1:Woah, shes such a Reema!

Ugly Kid 2:Nahh shes not pretty enough
by Grasshopper!!! July 01, 2010
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