A person born with hair which is almost entirely red.

American Redheads are typically associated with fighsty personalities likely due to being treated differently at a young age. This attitude is more a product of environment than genetics.

Protip: While a Brunette's hair in the sun looks red, a Redhead in the sun looks like heaven on earth.
While I swore Sarah and Katie from the club were both Redheads; it was clear in both deed and morning sun Sara was the true Redhead.
by CDubbs684 April 14, 2009
the rarest hair color. exotic and beautiful, red hair is the most sought after color in america. true redheads resent people who die their hair red. redheads are most known for their fiery tempers, but the most loved ones are sweet and free-spirited.
by fieryredhead January 8, 2006
The most awesome of the hair color types.
Most redheaded women are incredibly beautiful.
Most redheaded guys are tough looking...but most women aren't that attracted to them.

Many Redheads think they have the right to have short tempers.

Some even think they are devil spawn or vampires/vampresses.

Either way...redhead women are HOTT.
(group of hott women walks by two guys)
Guy 1: wow...she is amazingly hott.
Guy 2: yeah...she is.
Guy 1: you know who I was talking about right?
Guy 2: yep. The redhead.
Guy 1: heck yeah!
by Bear.in.camo March 26, 2010
Redheaded Eugenes are the least dangours type of Eugenes cause instead of real ARs they bring BB guns to school.
When Redhead reaches into his backpack you know it's time to hide.
by Marcus Schaeffer February 21, 2018
The term "redhead" is used to describe a person, namely of the female gender, who has red hair. Though, is set apart for actually being attractive, unlike their sibling species, the ginger. Redheads are beautiful, cute, and can have ginger traits (pale skin, freckles, blue or green eyes), but undoubtedly appears exotic and extraordinary when they have brown eyes and/or tan skin. These genes are rare though, so good for you if you ever spot one! Redheads can be "fiery-tempered", having a stubborn personality too, but are also kind-hearted, fun to be around, and are crazy intelligent. Get to know a redhead...they're pretty much awesome.
"Woah, did you see that chick?!"

"Who? The redhead?!"

"Yeah, man she fineeee"
by thechosenoneofcourse June 18, 2013
1. A person with hair that is from strawberry blonde to aurburn. The best haircolour.

Girls with red hair are very beautiful and amazing, with ninja powers. Asian men love redheads. They tend to be very smart in addition to stunningly gorgeous.
Yunho: Hey man look at that redhead!
Changmin: She is so fine. I'd marry her.
by ginganinja:) May 13, 2011