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A Reddit moment is a term used to mock Redditors, often when they engage in particularly cringe worthy discussion. It was once used as a positive term among Redditors for a short time.
Look at that post lmao Reddit moment
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by Wackydog69 June 14, 2020
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Relating to the the titular site, a Reddit moment occurs when either one or multiple Redditors do something considered "cringe" unironically. This is meant to contrast the social media idealism many Redditors believe they have over other similar platforms, and how they generally have a tendency to critique those platforms over similar behavior. This serving much as an in-joke as to Reddit's often-suggested superiority complex.
Redditor: "Oh jeez, this guy just posted guro, I better alert my subreddit about this and wash my eyes."

Commenter: "Now that's a Reddit moment right there."
by Khalid Norsenya June 25, 2019
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Reddit Moment is a slang term mocking moments when Reddit has cringeworthy commentary or discussion. The phrase is a particularly popular way to mock times when a Redditor is demonstrating how he or she believes Reddit is the superior social networking platform in contrast with other sites.
Someone called TikTok bad!!!! Time to post it on r/Reddit Moment and get free karma!!!!
by mihneabac November 04, 2020
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1. When a redditor makes a shitty meme or has a popular opinion from other redditors because it is they majority opinion. They tend to make unfunny memes and reuse it to the point where it becomes somehow unfunnier. Some infamous subreddits that act like this are r/memes, r/dankmemes, r/pewdiepiesubmissions, and every liberal subreddit. Whenever someone has a different opinion, redditors tend to downvote them and upvote unoriginal comments and posts. The mods are even worse since they have no life and ban someone for no reason just because they don’t agree with him.

2. Whenever someone sticks to the popular opinion because they want to have an opinion of their own. They tend to do the same thing as everyone else and acts like robots or Npc.
1. Redditor 1: *makes unoriginal meme*
Redditor 2: *Upvotes and makes unoriginal comment*
Redditor 3: *Makes unfunny 69 joke*
A lot of Redditors: Nice
Redditor 4: Big chungus is gay. Kanu Reeves is overused, fuck the trees.
The other redditors: instant *downvotes*
Redditor 4: Reddit moment

2. Person 1: Hey you should play Minecraft since Fortnite Bad, Minecraft Good hahaha.
Person 2: *Shoots the npc*.
Person 1: Reddit moment.
by UnsubToDRM May 12, 2020
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When someones/ something happens exactly in accordance to the cringy /negative stereotypes of reddit and reminds us of the hivemind reddit is. Usually in a bad connotation.
redditor 1 : "keanu chungus wholesome 100 , emoji bad "
self aware redditor : reddit moment


when someone deviates fron the one true opinionβ„’ of the hivemind and gets -100 karma

when some guys gets camcer so people shower him sith 1000$ worth awards
by bruhwat September 30, 2020
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(1) The act of falsely accusing/convicting someone innocent and bullying him until he commits suicide.
(2) When something is pog.
(1) "Damn, he fucking killed himself. Now that's a reddit moment!"
(2) "The boyardee bandit is a reddit moment because it's pog."
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by #Koni2012 August 14, 2020
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