RedNeck Girl is somone who is rough. She loves fishin Huntin. She's a daddy's girl.She don't take shit from anyone.
by Shianna =] March 3, 2009
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Girl who is totally sexy. She has a truck and it's bad ass. All the guys want her but she only likes rednecck boys. She loves country music. She probably not a virgin and she's cool with that. She hunts and fishes. She's a daddy's girl.

by afanofjenna September 16, 2006
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A girl who knows what she wants and truly lives life to the fullest. She is naturally beautiful. She is pretty damn hot and sexy too. She obviosly has a nice truck. She can take care of it herself. Probably not a virgin, but doesn;t take shame for it. Don't piss her off. If she doesn't like you she will say it. She doesn't put up with peoples shit because she knows it's all useless. She has always truly been herself and will remain that way. She loves family and friends. Enjoys fishing ,hunting ,four wheeling, dirt roads, country music, beer, animals(dogs),and getting dirty. She tends to stick with redneck boys because they know how to treat a lady. She doesn't care about her look. She loves to eat. She aint afraid to eat in front of a guy. She is her fathers daughter. She will never through the first punch but will the last. She still is a lady though. She aint afraid to get dirty. She's wild and a shit tone of fun. You will get bored with her. Don't underestimate her. She will prove you wrong. Don't assume she is a normal girl. She is far from that in beautiful ways.
You are lucky if you have a girl like this in your life. Keep her because there is nothing more pure. She will give you the best time and the best memories of your life. She is perfect wife material. Give her love and respect and a perfect life. She deserves it
Guy 1: Did you see that Redneck Girl. She is want in a girl.

Guy 2: Girls like that drive me crazy. I love them.

Guy 1: Why can't more girls be like that?
by Jake Mackenzie November 7, 2018
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Any girl that knows how to fish,hunt,loves her family and friends and stand up for herself. A girl that does not mind getting her hands dirty.. A true Redneck Girl can be a TomBoy at heart but knows how to be a Lady as well.
Cindy loves to hunt,fish and go 4 wheeling and being a Redneck girl she is always a Lady doing it.. She is never vulgar...
by Gwyndalyn June 18, 2017
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A fat ugly girl who only wears camo, wranglers, and ugly crocs. She dips like a man and smells like one too. Their feet are covered in dirt even under their toenails.
Jaime: damn did you see that hottie redneck girl that just threw in a gerb?
Mark: yeah! did you see how far she spit?
Jaime: that was sooo damn sexy
Matt: you guys must be drunk! she is an ugly ass redneck girl! get a life
by Jaime Bland August 26, 2009
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