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One of the few thousand people that speak the artificial language Esperanto. Esperantist talk a lot about other languages and tend to be highly academical with knowledge on various subjects--the only kind of people that learns a made up language with few speakers. Esperantist use a service to meet and live with other unknown Esperantist during their travels called Pasporta Servo. Most Esperantist, will agree to help you learn the Esperanto language and stay in their houses for free with the condition that you speak Esperanto--as mentioned earlier, they are strange people.
Esperanto conversation translated:

Brazilian: Thanks for letting me stay in your house

German. Let me show you the similarities between Spanish and Portuguese.

German: Sure, no problem. . . Wait a minute, you're from Brazil How the fuck can I even understand you?

Brazilian: We're Esperantist remember?

German: Oh, shit. You're right.
by PokarFace June 19, 2010
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