Highly politicized issues that the American political Right have very strong feelings towards.

This term may possibly have been coined by The Daily Show host, Jon Stewart in an interview on Fox with Christopher Wallace (6/19/2011)

He claimed that the first couple of GOP Presidential debates for the 2012 election cycle were filled with "red meat"
The first 2011 Presidential debate in South Carolina was filled with questions about abortion, gay marriage, typical red meat.
by decentralism June 22, 2011
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A god creation,"cult" huge penis with sexy red hair, irresistible.
"He's coming" "who's coming" RED MEAT!" "RUNNNN"
by Redmeat72 June 22, 2022
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(1) non-poultry meat (beef)

(2) penis of an indian guy
munchin' that red meat
by travelsize July 8, 2010
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The diarrhea you get after eating to much Red Meat.
I had a prime rib for dinner last night, now I got the Red Meat Shits.
by CountryGrlCnSurvive March 29, 2016
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An African-American person that hangs out with red-necks and shares their values.
"That ol' boy ain't no nigger.... He's a Red Meat Nigger.... He's ok.... He's one of us.
by Ignavich November 25, 2010
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stuck in the middle; not truely one thing or another.
"That's what General Rawson thought you would say,"
Lauffer said emotionally, "as your father's son, as the great-grandson of General Pueyrredon. That you would join us!"
Don't get carried away, Roberto," Clete said. "I'll fly the airplane, if it comes down to that, but I'm not enlisting in your army."
"Actually, the subject of a temporary commission did come up," Martin said. "Would you be willing-"
"I already have a Marine Corps commission," Clete said.
"This would be a temporary commission," Martin said. "It would solve a lot of problems...."
"Would I have to swear an oath? Of allegiance?"
"Yes, naturally. Of course."
"The moment I did that," Clete said, "I would lose my American citizenship."
"That would be difficult for you?"
"Yeah, it would," Clete said without thinking about it. "I don't want to do that."
He happened to glance at Martin's eyes.
And saw in them that be had just closed a door that would never again be opened.
If I had accepted that temporary commission under these circumstances, where accepting it might mean that I would find myself standing in front of a wall with Rawson, Martin, and Lauffer, even if it lasted only 3 days, they would thereafter have accepted me a bona fide Argentine. Now that will never happen.
Well, so be it. I'm an American. I don't want to give thatup.
"That leaves you, of course," Martin said, cordially enough, "as the English would put it, as neither fish nor good red meat"
-W.E.B. Griffin p-591 (Blood and Honor)
by J Dan Beck May 19, 2006
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