When a male dog's penis unsheathes, it resembles the action of someone twisting red lipstick, also because a dog's penis is red.
Dude #1: Your dog totally unsheathed on me when I pet him!

Dude #2: Well, he wanted to give you his red lipstick!
by poophed October 13, 2013
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A form of oral sex red lipstick is when one participant gives oral sex to a female during her menstrual cycle allowing the blood to gather on their lips and upon finishing kisses that female.
by Devin989 July 29, 2008
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when a guy goes down on a girl on her period then he comes up and kisses her and her blood is on her lips
wow dude, i cant believe you did a red lipstick
by Devin Willoughby August 3, 2008
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Red lipstick. A term used instead of French kissing, kissing or making out. Also known as first base.
Me: 'Have you seen my red lipstick?'

Friend: 'Omg you lost your red lipstick? Who did you kiss?'
by Blackbirdie September 7, 2014
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Usually used in conversations about professional settings, a red lipstick girl can be somewhat aggressive, well prepared, and smart. Most commonly used by insecure men that are intimidated by how powerful and talented a woman is.
Person 1: “Oh yeah, I met a red lipstick girl at work today.”
Person 2: “Oh, you mean you met a woman that’s smarter than you?”
by sadboyhourss November 22, 2020
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The bright, pure red lipstick the sterotypical hookers wear. Usually found at the Doller Store.
"I think I might put on some Hooker Red Lipstick for the Roller Disco"!
by Mitchell b. August 7, 2006
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Having sex with a woman on her period then sliding it in her mouth, leaving menstral blood...
My girl was on the rag so I gave her some ruby red lipstick
by Jason Truink March 30, 2008
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