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The slimy, sticky residue left on ones member after engaging in anal sex.

Made up of lube, excrement, sweat and other bodily secretions and in a consistency and quantity that is dependant on the amount and mix of the above and the time and effort put into "blending" them together!
Last night I was pounding away at Natasha's tight little back door, when I finished I pulled out to reveal a thick coating of rectoplasm on my tool. I had to go wash it off as she lay and recovered because she does not like that stuff in her mouth!
by RoysterHerOften September 03, 2011
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slimy feces that requires excessive wiping to discard and often leaves the anus feeling squishy,wet and unclean
Though he was sure he'd wiped thouroughly, John could still fell the uncomfortable wettness of rectoplasm between his cheeks.
by fuad ramses January 30, 2004
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