A term used for songs about Irish Rebels, shortened to Rebs.

Most of The Wolfe Tones’ work would be considered Rebs.
Sean had the Rebs on full blast
by Marvin Compper January 12, 2018
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1. A word used to describe a close friend in place of bro
2. A shortened version of the word rebel. Used when trying to be cool and calling someone a rebel who totes ain't got no balls, when in this case, you probably don't either
1.Sup rebs, where you at?
2.Hey rebs, why don't you go do a triple backflip off of the empire state building?
by Salty Leaves January 30, 2010
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To drink until you're slurring,stumbling,lying,spinning and making absolutely no sense to anyone at all...even yourself.

Usually accompanied by blaming everyone else for your own failings and calling THEM the liar.
I got so rebbed last night I accidently shot the dog when I tripped over a pile of cheap bourbon bottles. Then I punched my gf bc it was her fault.
by xCrunk.aint.Deadx August 26, 2018
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n. A person from the southern United States. Short for rebel, referring to the American Civil War. The opposite of a Yankee.
... and now class we shall study the Civil War.
The War of Northern Aggression! (from the back of the classroom)
okay reb
by Webster Papadopolous July 13, 2004
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A person aginst something, or Rebellious to something... Or derriviative of the word "rebel." A person from south of the mason dixion line would also qualify as a rebel/reb or vice-versa a person north of the mason dixon line would be Yankee/yank.
The reb is aginst the fuckin goverment, and will kick there ass (Eat My Ass Bush)
by Thomas "coin/rebel" June 30, 2005
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To pack a day full of events. To Reb; I rebbed.
'I had a rebbing weekend'
'You really reb your days don't you'
'I didnt have enough time, i rebbed the fuck out of my weekend'
by Joe SqueEley May 03, 2010
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