A pretty thick girl who don't give 2 fucks about anything and a type of girl who be giving innocent people bad advices and she would be going out with ugly niggas that ain't good for her...she could be a bitch sometimes but rebeca could be aggressive and sensitive sometimes she don't play around...don't ever take jokes with rebeca becouse she takes them serious
Dont fuck with rebeca she don't play around like other people do
by Christian del rio July 19, 2017
An amazing girl. Rebeca is so beautiful and lovable, she will always have your back.
She is fair, kind and reliable.
She's probably the bff and/or gf u could wish for. She's smart, every girl wants to be her bff and every guy to be her bf but she's aint an easy catch. U gotta work for her but once u have her she will be loyal and stand by and support u. She's the type of friend that will eventually become ur sister. Like a dude magnet too but won't take shit from a player and will go only for the best of the best. She's often popular because of how she's nice to everyone and is the most easy to connect person u will ever meet.
Rebeca is awesome, she is the funniest and the most beautiful person I’ve ever met.

I love Rebeca so much, she made my life 100% better.
by bleu.koi November 22, 2021
Rebeca is an amazing perosn who is perty and cool and can karte cop you and imobolize you from classes wth sense jim
shaniah-imobolize jorge

rebeca- no shaniah
rebeca -*imobolizes shaniah*
by and i oop- sksksk October 19, 2019
A girl who seems nice to everyone but is actually a very mean person. She will send you TikToks that hurt your feelings very badly. But overall she can be pretty chill.
Don’t be a Rebeca.
by Trevor H. July 18, 2019
A typo for the actual name Rebecca.
"She's a Rebeca"
by <rzr> May 28, 2019
A big forehead, quarterback shouldered girl who lost weight after highschool and posts half naked pictures on social media to fill in her insecurities. She will post quotes about being kind but is actually evil! She will try really hard to steal your husband too even if you have kids then cry alone in a room and wonder why shes still single.
"OMG that thing Rebeca just looked at me. how gross"
by Golden_Robin September 2, 2022