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Jorge is a fishy human who looks like a fish and had a scary demon brother
by and i oop- sksksk January 26, 2020
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Rebeca is an amazing perosn who is perty and cool and can karte cop you and imobolize you from classes wth sense jim
shaniah-imobolize jorge

rebeca- no shaniah
rebeca -*imobolizes shaniah*
by and i oop- sksksk October 19, 2019
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The nicest person you will ever meet in your who life time and is always there for her friends no matter how weird they are.
Shaniah:*eating hand sanitizer*
Isabela:* stop that*
Shaniah continues to eat hand sanitizer*
Isabela:*I SAID STOP*
by and i oop- sksksk April 16, 2020
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