A Rebar is a term used to describe pedophiles and/or lolicons that reside in low quality anime servers such as KissCommunity. It is commonly known as a derogatory and humiliating term to describe someone that defends themselves too much regarding their tendencies towards sexualizing children.
Why does KissCommunity defend Rebar?
by Fortigan October 1, 2021
The Only Club In Port St. Lucie Worth Going To. Has Drag. Its A Gay Club.
Lets Go To Rebar And Find Some Lesbians!
by Thats Not My Fucking Name! August 2, 2009
A very handsome yet stubborn person. Will not hesitate to beat you up if necessary. can be sweet yet also extremely rude. 10/10 everyone would bang.
girl #1: he’s so cute

girl #2: be careful, i’ve heard he’s a Rebar!
by Awholemood September 23, 2019
A rock hard erection, lasting for hours.
Damn, I popped some Viagara and it gave me a rebar!

That bitty was shook when she pulled down my pants and saw my rebar!
by jlman August 12, 2008
Picking up two different people (at different times) in the same evening, from the same bar. If you leave with someone from a bar, fornicate in one of your residences, and then leave that person, only to return to the same bar and repeat, all in the same night.
Dude, you're back again? That's the 5th girl tonight...you're going for a rebar record!
by francismachine June 25, 2014
Sticking your hard dick in a woman's ass when she has diarrhea
Thank God I thought of rebar plugging otherwise my girlfriend would have really made a mess of herself
by Muffdiver41 August 5, 2018