A name used to describe someone who is really cool and really hot at the same time.
Hey, who is that really cool and really hot guy?" - "It's Razin
by Amy's Hott Spott November 18, 2010
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A Sexy Boy... Someone with a very high level of sexual energy.
Oh my gosh, who is that Razin, I'm w-- already!
by JP Whip :) November 18, 2010
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Razin is the type to search up their own name and care about reputation. He is usually nerdy and wears glasses. He secretly stalks his followers on social media. Razin changes his crush every single day. and loves raisin.
Me: Have you seen Razin?
You: He went to go stalk his crush on urban dictionary.
by bobislookingforyou November 26, 2021
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a boy from bangladesh, known for being a pedophile and a weeb. Legend says he moved to malaysia because children are plenty there
mom: you'd better fall asleep before Razin comes for you
by indianscammer1234 April 9, 2020
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just like saying kidding or joking
man im just razin with ya
by Jaray February 14, 2007
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