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Rayness, not to be confused by Gayness,

Is a condition when someone suddenly was "attacked" by cats.
Some Background Info:

Attacked is in quotations because cats never attack, they love. The cat shared their power with the Ray, the person benefited by Rayness, and he becomes a cat.
All cats were made like this since 289 BCE.

There is an original Ray, from 289 BCE. He currently resides in Buckingham Palace and can be met on Discord. Rumour is he spies for the cats in a server known as Leon's USSR. Very terrifying. I wouldn't want to be Leon.
Ray has special powers, due to his Rayness.

He has these specific powers:
Regenerative Healing Factor, Adoptive Muscle Memory, Body Part Substitution, Anatomical Liberation, Additional Limbs,
Organic Constructs, Defection, Replication, Invisibility, Laser Eyes, Transfiguration, and the Sonic Scream.

Rayness itself, now that we have covered the background info,
is the condition that occurs once you are attacked by cats. You become the most nicest person on Earth, giving people money, loving cats, and being an overall joy to even the most wretched people. Significant changes include, but are not limited to, loving cats, saying :c, >:c, ;c, c:, aaaaaa, yeye, yeap, and being immune to Melon Simpitis.


People bow to Ray, the one with Rayness. Rayness is easily accessible by everyone to become a Ray.
Ray: Haiiiiii
Bobert the Cat: Heyyy
Melon: Yo its Ray!
*Everyone*: Ay ray, my man
Mikhail: psst yo, spy on this guy
Leon: Not surprisingly, you have done exactly 92857345940392876298590105869 different tasks in 5 minutes. Impressive
Kass: Ray is a robot, confirmed
Matias: Word
Felix: RAY, Arrest that man
Yusuf: I wanna have Rayness
Bobbo: HI DAD!
Kimba: Bruh me too
Vasily: Ray my REDACTED
Snowflake: *sues Vasily*
Snowflake: I'll never sue Ray tho

Hokage: Ray, you must translate this.
Ray: I love Rayness, lemme give all of you some!
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by Paki, Gen. of Pakistan November 30, 2020
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