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Raylyn is beautiful, funny, vibrant and loved by many. You either love her or hate her but she rarely cares what people think of her. She is loyal to her friends and family and has a tendancy to always put others before herself. She is a 'giver' and is many time taken advantage of by 'takers'. Can be very moody and is known for holding grudges, although it takes alot to get on her bad side. She is a hard worker and known for being focused. She has a tender, loving, vulnerable side but rarely shows it as she is guarded against being hurt. She can be wierd, strange, odd and a little on the edge but will never disappoint when it comes to having fun.
She's like a Raylyn.
by luv2bmum February 03, 2010
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A beautiful and intelligent woman that always puts her family first. A gourmet in the kitchen, she loves to share her creations with friends and family.
Raylyn beautiful
by Sunshine21478 February 02, 2010
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Raylyn! A fun loving girl. Has great style. she loves to eat food and is taken advantage a lot by people. Boys always look at her and think "Damn girl you just made this room a lot hotter" Although she has no curvs she wishes she did.
She is such a Raylyn...
by flyingunicorn12 November 16, 2016
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Raylyn is a gay lesbian with no standards for men, women, anything. She typically looks like a Dominican fish with the eyes popping out of the head. Do not approach unless you have a box full of dildos for they are typically desperate. \
Look at that retard! Oh wait, it's Raylyn.
by kale salaD May 24, 2018
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