to leave a friend in need or to not show up when someone is expecting you.

Alternate meaning: to be farted on.
-JR was changing a flat tire in the rain and his friend "rayed" him by leaving the scene without helping.

-I got "rayed" when he never showed up to meet me where he said that he would.

-I got "rayed" and now I smell like farts
by Sloppy Bobo December 02, 2011
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To be orally satisfied by one’s toungue in a vigorous, skillful manner to end in a wet orgasmic, tantric state. Performed by only experienced & skilled experts. Usually leads to sexual intercourse & multiple orgasms, or can be performed independently. Amateurs are not to try this at home, as this level of skill is mastered only by a true virtuoso.
There’s nothing hotter than wearing a short dress and no panties so that your man knows how bad you want to be Rayed.
by Cali Rose October 10, 2017
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