A supa dupa gay guy that sweats on fortnite and eats fat tubs of lard
Rayan is super gay, no one likes him, I heard he sweats on Fortnite! stay away from him!
by monkee_ball December 27, 2022
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i hope nobody from my school sees this - rayan
by tarzan :) September 8, 2021
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The smexiest guy you will ever meet. He is very attractive and all girls love him, especially ones named: Kayla, Sam, Ayah, Danielle, Jade and Natasha. He is super sexy and mainly picks his true loves. If he ever goes out with you then you have God's blessing written all over your body. Rayan is super smart and the safest guy you will ever meet. He can hang around with literally everyone and anyone at any time. He doesn't talk or is ever seen with the 'nerds' and 'noobs' in his school and stays at a safe, at the top of the popularity chart and cool part of his year group. Most loyal guy and stays true to all of his g's and close ones. Everyone that stays on the good side of him is classed as a cool kid but if you get on the bad side of him you will go down in the popularity chart.
Jade - "Oh my God, look at that guy with that beautiful hair that walked past!!"
Ayah - "He is probably a Rayan!"
Jade - "Totally!"
by SafeDudeDan February 29, 2020
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Rayan is the biggest wasteman of them all. His jokes are unfunny and repetitive, and he probably has diabetes. He hangs out with a bunch of wastemen just like him. And the guy is just mad sus, stay away from him he probably fantasizes about you if you're male.
Person: see that wasteman over there
Person 2: yeah hes such a Rayan
by Idk2671825 March 9, 2021
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Rayan is the hottest sexiest man ever everyone wants to fuck him especially guys and they want to make out with him for hours
Harder Rayan
Rayan your my daddy
by Ur my daddy October 29, 2020
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"I am the greatest being of all time, I am better than god"- Rayan

Basically he has a gargantuan head.
Bro Rayan is saying he's literally god, the fucking retard.
by Pant Shitter May 30, 2021
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Rayan is a very shy guy, he is very kind, and favors the sport basketball. He may seem super quite in his friend group- but once u get to know him he'll be the funniest guys ever.

He has a cute smile and often makes people laugh. He is smart, and is often quite about his crush. He usually wears sweatshirts, and is very observant.
Wow rayan is so sweet!
Rayan? the quite guy
by A-supernatrualpersonhumanbeing December 19, 2019
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