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Rawa is the most beautiful person you would ever meet. She is really intelligent and very enthusiastic about what she does. She is also the most sweetest human being you’ll ever meet. She is a trust worthy person who would always stick with you no matter what. Humour is what she has, no matter how your feeling she would always brighten your day and make you smile. She always supports her friends no matter what and speaks back to who speaks about her and her friends. You would never see her be sad. Having someone who know called Rawa you would be really lucky to have her in your life. If you ever need help she would always be there for you. knowing her more better she could become like your twin. Everyone loves her. She is 100% worth to keep as a friend.
Girl: can I tell you a secret

Rawa: of course you can

Girl: something happened

Rawa: omg what happened?
Girl: ***************
Rawa: omg don’t worry it will be fine soon
(Days later)

Girl: it’s all fine now

Rawa: I knew it :)
by MintChocChip123 July 28, 2018
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