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A really fucked up oxymoron. It can mean to fill with joy, delight, charm, captivate, attract. QUITE contrarily, it can also mean to rape. How these things are congruent enough to where they are described in one word, I do not know.
What asshole came up with the word 'ravish'? Has anyone else noticed how fucked up its meanings are?

According to, the word ravish can mean:
1. to fill with strong emotion, esp. joy.
2. to seize and carry off by force.
3. to carry off (a woman) by force.
4. to rape (a woman)."

Apparently men cannot be "ravished" --interestingly sexist indeed.
by Abstractify March 05, 2010
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by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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To perform oral sex on a girl, particularly if it is forceful or if she appears lost in ecstacy at the time. The goal is to overwhelm her with pleasure/orgasm.
At the party, I heard a sound from the gazebo so I went down to check it out, and I saw Brendan in there ravishing Lakisha on the table.
by k.ann.h November 15, 2004
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To force sex upon one's will.
Alex Trebek: What does it mean to Ravish?

Sean Connery: Is what i did to your mother last night.
by bigmikebiatch February 28, 2010
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To place both of one's hands behind one's head and gyrate one's pelvis in a seductive manner. It is most commonly used as a quasi-mating ritual for males. This movement was made popular by the late great wrestling star, Rick Rude.
"Did you see that guy ravish? I'd like to get to know him better."
by Forever Ravishing May 24, 2005
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to verbally and physically abuse ur bitch while fucking the shit out of her and making her cry...
josh was ravishing the shit out of kristen last night... she was like o shit im being ravished...
by kevin head April 12, 2008
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Randomly attacking males in a sexual manner, Often against their will, But sometimes enjoyed by some.

St John Grabbed Gavin by the waist and began to ravish his behind.

St John Ravished his penis with his left hand.

Gavin Ravished his dogs asshole.
by St John Lombard October 31, 2007
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