A Unit of Measurement Equal to One Rat's Ass.
If you note a lack of Concern on my part,it is because I don't give one Ratz.
by Waboa February 8, 2009
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‘Look at Emily, she’s absolutely ratz
by Rats. January 26, 2019
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The extent to which one person is really dutz, but is usually worse than dutz. Can be short for "Dirty"

1. Ugly or not very attractive

2. Gross or disgusting
1. That girl the other night was ratz

2. That dog poo smells RATZ!
by rymanttt January 12, 2012
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LITERALLY ANY negative emotion towards anything, Like yurrra ayra
Kayla : guys this man is looking at me

Mikhile : He gives me the Ratz! ayra yitz
by Gav Gav November 11, 2020
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Any negative emotion towards something LITERALLY anything bro
Kayla: guys I have to go to work and this guy keeps looking at me

by Gav Gav November 11, 2020
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Rad Ratz is a term used in the Vancouver area, , specifically the East Vancouver neighbourhoods, as slang to describe a group of sketchy looking guys who are usually fucking around or loitering. The term originally stems from a suburban Burnaby group of high schoolers, who used the term to identify as a gang, but then grew to generalize any group of rowdy guys.
Look at that group of rad ratz, thinking they're the shit because they tagged the East Van sign...
by donaldglover November 24, 2017
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Those serious about their desert. Some live in the desert, some travel to the desert to "play hard or go home".
"We've always been dezert ratz".
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