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Slickest part of Vancouver. Dope style, good hip-hop, just laid back.
"Let's leave the BMWs and Jags and head back home to East Van."
by Andrew February 26, 2005
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EAST VAN is an area of vancougrr, bc that is notorious worldwide for drugs, workin girls, the homeless and police brutality. it's also home to some of the best outreach programs, artists, bands and community minded people you'd ever have the pleasure of knowin. placed between the complacent burbs of burnaby and the materialistic, fake tit vibe of downtown, east van offers a homegrown, co op feel that is uncommon in most big cities. a place where the girl next to you won't take your shit and men have purses, not murses. keep it in your pants or git outta here.
Whoa, did you see that chick with 30 piercings in her face wearing nothing but newspapers? That is so EAST VAN .

That woman just helped that junkie across the street, she must be an EAST VANER.

Really?! Live music 7 days a week?! God, I wish I lived in EAST VAN.

by eeeshhvan March 16, 2009
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the east side of Vancouver where the indo canadian gangs the vietnamese gangs (nammers),and the latin american gangs (spics) are at. A lot of asian people, lack of white people but we like to keep it that way. laid back, chiller, great place to visit.
by IZZO,K December 21, 2006
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