A Variety of prescription or non-prescription medication of choice stored in a plastic bottle (prescription bottle), when shaken gives off the same sound of an irritated rattle snake. Rattler
"Man, chill out, you need a hit off my rattler"?
by BTLS fan, Bubba ARMY October 29, 2006
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Straight liquor in a small glass with three ice cubes.
Jim- “Poor me a rum rattler
Bartender- “What the fuck is a rum rattler”
Jim- “How did you even get your bar tending license”
by MissSplenda May 15, 2018
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A fart so low-pitched that it rattles the windows like a passing freight train and causes the anus to vibrate like a venetian blind shaken by a gust of wind.
Yo, beeze! You musta ripped yo'sef a new one wid dat rattler!
by Unka Pignuts February 23, 2003
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