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Rattle snaking is the art in which someone sticks their tongue in the partners asshole then the partner whose asshole is being licked farts on the others tongue making a rattle snake action with the tongue
Last night I went rattle snaking with this girl I met at the bar I could taste her fart on my tongue it tasted like ketchup and onions
by D-Zeus April 16, 2017
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A sexual act, usually following felatio, that involves the female wrapping one or more hands loosely around the male's penis just before he climaxes and shaking them from side to side rapidly. This produces as rattling sound as the male ejaculates. A hissing noise at this point is recommended but not essential. Also some times described as making the angry rattle snake spit/puke.
'Last night she sucked me off, rattle snaking me to completion'
by Henry Gauntlett April 09, 2007
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