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Noun: An unattractive girl who preys on drunken males. Once the sun goes down, the ratsnake slithers out of her snake hole for parties, tailgates, weekly drinking specials, and late night text messages. You do not want your friends to see this girl. She is always ready to go because she's never on her period. There is no need to wine and dine her as she would consider this an insult. She has an insatiable appetite for bourbon and cock. The ratsnake will believe anything you tell her, because she's dumb as shit.
Friend 1: "What did you end up doing last night?"

Friend 2: "I brought home that ratsnake from the bar."

Friend 1: "Oh man, not again."

Friend 2: "Yeah, I blacked out and she got me."
by Eminent Snakecharmer October 24, 2009
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