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Pronounced (RaShism) What happens when a group of business people use racism as a way to make contracts to collect money that was leaking overseas during the tech boom in the form of million dollar condos at home that only the maestros can afford. Black people are complaining that East Indians are talking about and claiming racism. Well, guess what, that is what it was all about in the first place. Someone else making money off your hard earned "American" history.
Karen: Trump is such a Dork of a Fascist
Sharon: At least he isn't practicing the Rascism that got us all here in the first place.
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by HearMyName August 05, 2018
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Twatspeak for racism. See also facist, rascist.
Q: Do members feel that the marginalisation of the White race in every Western country is a positive development?

by Lord Grimcock September 04, 2007
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probly 1 of the worst things in the world.were all da same no matter wat race u are.nd da acist ppl needa fuck off
john:i hate black people
bob:yo man dont b rascist
john: wtf? since wen u like dis
bob:rascism is not nice aight
by x0x0MaRiiAx0x0 August 16, 2006
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