a small jewish/hispanic bundle of fun. Quite the personality, but be cautious because she bites.........
raq zity may be flirty during the day but she's freaky at night
by penis69696nohomo October 7, 2013
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Pronounced (Rock Hit) This phrase describes when someone takes a small hit and laughs or coughs before they can suck it into their lungs. First time smokers often experience raq hits.
Nah he only took a raq hit.
by GRamsey July 7, 2011
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James: Yo Jarone! Who you coolin’ it with these days?
Jarone: well, we was chillin wit that nigga Pierre but he turned out to be a raq nigga so we dropped him.
by Empomyar-Yort Expaysom III February 21, 2019
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A Young Savage From The 500 Block Of Murder Out In Philly.
Hey ! Did you Hear Raq Yantz New song
by Shaddie March 13, 2017
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