A nick name for someone who has been raped.
Shame, you just got raped, rapey.
by HappyGirl555 September 01, 2009
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Any form of unwanted or obviously inappropriate, but usually not illegal, sexual advances or actions
Girl A: Did that guy just smell my hair when he passed me in the hall?!

Girl B: totally rapey
by effyoucore December 02, 2009
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to act cavalier about violence towards women. Blaming the victim, making excuses for the guy or generally being condescending towards a woman who has been raped. You know, misogyny with a hint of violence.
My, you are rapey today!
by Grydian September 03, 2014
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A place you dont want to go out of fear of rape or gang rape by homeless men
Please dont make me go into that rapey building . I can see a group homeless people
by Ziggy gets the bitches January 14, 2018
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( Rape·ie )

A word that uptight cunts use to accuse innocent men of being rapists before they've done anything of the sort.
Eww... That dude looks rapey.
by Eddie O'Neil March 31, 2019
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It's like when you're playing an RPG and get locked into a long, drawn-out conversation with the guy you know is going to be the game's final boss. It usually happens in chapter one of most games or (IRL) when a woman enters a job interview where they dude interviewing looks somewhere in-between Joe Bidden's shoulder massages and Donald Trump's judging of the 'Young Misses Teen USA!' pageant.
1. "Don't get on Ark Survival from Friday to Sunday...the trolls get straight up rapey with raiding and that game's buggy enough without someone shitting on you soul"
2. "Eww, the way Col. Cluster gives the backstory in the pre-game makes me think I'm going to have to put him down in the final mission."
3. 'Dude, did you hear about what Sen. Dave Davidson said about women's rights yesterday?'--'No, but please don't...I'm sure he meant well but it ended up sounding rapey A.F.'
4. "Most of what certain beloved or reviled people/characters in movies have said throughout the ages...is kinda rapey man...you seen 16 Candles lately? It's awkward..."
by AnotherDamnedCat January 21, 2020
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