1. To Partake in ownage of a greater degree than simply ownage

2. To Pillage the nether regions of unwilling
1. "Damn, that's some major ownage!"
"You kidding me? Thats not just ownage, thats rapeage"

2. "So, how did your slave orgy go today?"
"It was maximum rapeage!"
by Kerrekeckman September 30, 2006
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to have undergone some ownage
person 1: my mom caught me smoking her weed last night
person 2: RAPEAGE!
by Razmatazz February 14, 2005
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To perform sodomy(butt sex) on someone repeatedly, especially if it's unwanted by the other person
To butt fuck someone "to death"
The sodomy victim couldn't sit for a week after being drugged, tied up, and experienced anal rapeage for the whole weekend.
by RobC May 21, 2005
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A term used to describe someone that rapes other people with his snipes in hockey or in video games. If someone you are playing against has rapeage snipes it would be wise to cover your asshole.
Ex.1 Guy 1: Did you see that goal by Alexander Ovechkin?

Guy 2: It was fucking sick, he's got rapeage snipes.

Ex.2 Call of Duty player: WOW!! That guy just got three headshots in a row, rapeage snipes!
by Dicyple January 18, 2010
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