3 definitions by RobC

To perform sodomy(butt sex) on someone repeatedly, especially if it's unwanted by the other person
To butt fuck someone "to death"
The sodomy victim couldn't sit for a week after being drugged, tied up, and experienced anal rapeage for the whole weekend.
by RobC May 21, 2005
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bad; crap; shite; useless;

Irish coloqialism.
That game was cat melojin;

That's feckin melojin that is;

Q: How did ya get on in town last night?
A: twas Cat Melojin altogether!!, was langerated and some feckin gormless langer of a bouncer kicked me out!

by RobC July 14, 2003
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The male act of having an orgasm, shooting a load, on someone or something. Usu. a big load.
Right before I had an orgasm while doing my girlfriend last night, I took my cock out of her, snd baby battered her tits.
by RobC May 28, 2005
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