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God-Like Figurism: The belief that paths in life are neither governed by fate, nor by your humanly efforts, but rather by secret deals made with the God-Like Figure.
As a believer in GLF, I was able to get the job that I wanted in return for a year of toe fungus.
by ytruly August 28, 2007
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Short for good luck fuck. Particularly useful before job interviews, big exams, and other life-altering events. Encourages relaxation and eases test anxiety.
The GLF I got last night was just what I needed to ace the FE exam!
by kuyagj March 30, 2011
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Used in MMOs similar to LFG (Looking For Group). GLF (Group Looking For) is used when searching for a specific class of player.
7/8 GLF Monk
by Griff2 March 03, 2009
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A shortening of the group Gnome Liberation Front who stole gnomes and wrecked havoc in France. Also known as Garden Gnome Liberation Front. They insisted that gnomes should be freed and that keeping them "hostage" in your backyard was like torture. I mean, seriously.
Did you hear about that time when the GLF took that gnome, hung it from a bridge, and called it suicide? It was on CNN!
by Anila June 28, 2005
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