Big Tough Frogman

Frogman: a common term for a Navy Seal; in the Teams, the term originates from the Navy Combat Demolition Units during World War II
“We’re going to BTF in, and BTF out.”
by Grizzlefizzle March 1, 2018
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Built To Fuck

A person who exemplifies a body crafted by the god's hands to service mankind's ultimate fantasies of beauty and lust. This person is has absolutely no trouble finding sex in any scenario. Everyone wishes to look like this person, and everyone wishes to fuck this person. The person has all exclusive rights to chose their fuck buddy for the evening, because when chosen, you must not turn down the opportunity. If you do, you will be thought of as queer or just flat out retarded. This person is so well versed in intercourse that even a nerdy virgin would turn into a sex master (or at least an intermediate) just by (somehow) having intercourse with this person. You will know this person when you see them; they are the orgasm in your eye.

WARNING: while this person may be BTF, they may not be DTF. (some people are assholes like that)
Dude, that is one BTF girl. I would do unforgivable things to her. UNFORGIVABLE.
by daemondreams March 30, 2010
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Bring The Funk, rock out, tear it up, keep in crazy on the dance floor.
Sometimes, when you hear the music, you just got to let loose, got to really BTF.
by the Gueg March 20, 2008
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On the Big Island of Hawai'i, down in the lower Puna District,
BTF means Below the Flow. Someone or something that is located below the flow of Tutu Pele's path.
Our hale is in Pahoa town BTF.

There is a whole new way of life in lower Puna BTF.
by punadeej September 14, 2014
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When you're drunk and suddenly forget how to write beautiful

Her : See ya soon!
Him: Yeah btf
Her: BTF?

Him: Beauty + ful
by drunkjonathan March 20, 2018
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You: I'm going out tonight with Sam
Her: btf you're not
by @tarynn12345 August 30, 2017
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Jake: What's wrong Jack ?
Jack: Oh nothing I'm Just BTF with this place.
by Random stranger007 July 8, 2010
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