Someone who has to much time on they're hands decides to fuck themselves and post a definition of their buddies. The definitions are severely similar on every name.
1.) Stahp
2.) Nobody gives one about how (random name) is the best person on the planet.

3.) Kys
by PsychopathicSavage March 17, 2016
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Names on this website are used by asswipes who for some reason (even I am not sure) give specific characteristics to each name. For example, any name can have a definition like "X is the sweetest and happiest person you'll ever meet, etc.". My advice? Dislike those shitty "definitions".
*Sees "Jake: Jake ( the random name) is the best person in the whole world and will always be honest to you" by Ms. Vegana*
Me: FUCK YOU, Ms. Vegana!
by Fookoffpeople September 11, 2019
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What it sounds like. Essentially a random person’s name that is a definition on Urban Dictionary. Usually never gets approved. Usually some person trying to put their buddy’s name on Urban Dictionary, while using their qualities as a person as the definition.
Some random Urban Dictionary user: “Jack: Jack is so hot! <insert fangirling stuff here>”
Me, approving stuff: “Hell no, that’s not going here, I don’t even know who this Jack is and it’s just a random name that I don’t need to approve and shouldn’t approve.”
by OfficialDeltaGamer March 17, 2019
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Person with little, if not no, likeable qualities. They have a self-ascribed prefix to make them sound interesting. See also crazy...looney...wild...mental...
For; Me, random dave and wild stan had a crazy night last night. read; we wacked off and went to sleep
by Bold King Cole May 17, 2003
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Random person on yt who makes cringey videos
Random Peep Named Kk? Oh that one weird youtuber1
by Kk is not here June 14, 2021
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